Center for Academic Literacy at NTNU Opened for Future Bilingual University

Center for Academic Literacy at NTNU Opened for Future Bilingual University

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) has been selected to be one of the landmark bilingual universities for the Program of Bilingual Education for Students in College (the BEST Program). In pursuance of the Bilingual Nation policy, NTNU established the Center for Academic Literacy (CAL) in academic year 2021 in order to develop the English academic literacy of the undergraduate and graduate students at NTNU and train bilingual professionals in academic writing and speaking with the aim of improving the competitiveness as a higher education establishment.

Western universities are known for Writing Center or Center for Academic Writing, a center designated to provide instruction on academic English writing. Similar units have been established in top universities that provide English writing courses and answer students’ questions.

Director of Center for Academic Literacy Liao Posen said that although the Center for Academic Literacy is a newly founded center, we have learned from fellow centers and have excellent tutors and resources ready to assist students in academic English. Now the center provides lots of one and one sessions and the reservation process is very convenient.

It’s worth mentioning that the tutors are graduate students who have backgrounds of studying and living in America, Australia, Netherlands, and Vietnam. They have published paper in various fields like education, information engineering, international relations, comparative literature, linguistic, phycology, medicine, sports and music. They can help students in different departments and become their trusted senior at school.

The Center for Academic Literacy first provided one on one writing tutor session and is planned to open services like academic writing courses and speaking course. Now the website of the center and the facebook page has launched, students are welcome to check the schedule of the events for improving academic English!

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